OMG those Italian Snowballs are the just like my grandmother used to make!!!
Timothy Howard, Atlanta, GA
Hi Debbie,
The corn bread is so rich and full, a welcome change from most other gluten-free breads which are airy, weak on nutritious ingredients, and lacking in flavor. We would be glad to continue having your bread in our home, and look forward to finding a way to do that!
Congratulations on creating a product that has integrity and great flavor!
Toni Brooks
“The Pezzi (Bites) are the best treats I have ever tasted. They are so delicious and it is so nice to know that they are made with such healthy ingredients. I WANT MORE!”
Julie G., San Mateo, CA
“I always advise my patients to search out healthy alternatives and PEZZI is a good nutritious sweet treat!”
Dr. Rogers DC, Novato, CA www.marinchiro.com
“These bites are the best! You wouldn’t even know they are good for you. The chocolate is my favorite, although the other two are just as good. Just try them, you’ll be happy you did! ”
Linda, Salt Lake City, UT